Winning a Poker Tournament

Over the years, poker has got more and more popular what with thousands of players playing poker every day. Apart from physical casinos (mostly in the best poker rooms in Las Vegas) the game has extended its presence to the internet world and online poker has become equally popular than physical casino poker games. Some may have other goals in mind but the best and most common goal when you enter a poker tournament is to WIN. Reaching the final table of the poker tournament is a good start.

Poker in the virtual world seems to be getting more popular, providing great gaming experiences with the help of advanced technological tricks. Now, you do not need to visit a casino to learn the game but sit at the comfort of your game and learn the tips and tricks of the trade. Once you have educated yourself regarding the useful strategies and essential moves, you may then head for a casino and show your expertise.

You will be in a good position to make things happen. When you get to the final table, I am pretty sure you will need the following to “close that deal”. To start with, here are a few tips which will help you turn the game of poker on your side.


Exposure to the game and to the different types of competitions is a big factor in winning a poker tournament. A lot of poker prepares you for the tough scenarios. Previous deep runs in some poker tournaments bring in a ton of knowledge on how you can dominate the final poker table.


You need to believe in what you got in you. Confidence in ones poker skills may bring out your best strategies and decisions on the table. Chickening out on the final poker table will do you no good. Feel good and make no second guessing when you read everyone else’s game.

Killer Instincts

You need to know when to pull the trigger whenever you are playing poker. When you are on the advantage, you should know when to take the risk so you can knock someone out of their game.

Abuse in heads up and three handed play

It is a whole different ball game when you are playing heads up or a three handed poker compared to a whole gang of nine players. Let us say you only have two other opponents and you know you are the best player on the table, be aggressive and abuse the weaknesses of the other two players. Get rid of another player and make sure you have more chips going to the heads up play.

Look At Hand As a Whole

A rampant mistake committed by most poker players is that they observe each decision in a hand as a different entity. This has a detrimental effect on the game.

This is a precarious situation and most players get trapped in it. When players take decisions as the game shapes without thinking about the repercussion of each decision they then are in doldrums. Seasoned poker players know that each and every decision is important during the course of the game. So you should think before you act impulsively.

Plan Well

The concluding outcome of the hand depends on the decisions taken during the early stages of the game. Players should never resort to each decision as it comes because they end up losing large amount of money. Planning the entire move would help you play the hand in a better pattern. As stated earlier poker is a though provoking game. Impeccable planning would always help in playing a worthy hand. If you are planning a big flop you should stick to achieving the opponent’s money.

Your chances of winning are magnified if you carefully plan all your moves. Your planning should include the entire game plan and your present hand. Players end up winning the pot if they stick to detailed planning. Poker is a game of strategies. You should carefully aim your goal and then initiate your plan. Implementing your plan is the most important aspect of the game.

Consider Your Bankroll

Before you start a game you should consider your bankroll. Ideally, you buy-in should be within 10% of your bankroll. Do not get tempted when others provoke you for more. If you want more, it is your decision, but think carefully, and then decide what you want.

Concentration and Focus

Lapse of concentration is often a very common reason which takes the game out of your hands. It is extremely important that you keep your mind focused on the game and constantly keep thinking of strategies depending on the situation. Remember; do not let you mind drift or else it might cost you a lot.

Don’t Be Overconfident

Avoid being overconfident. Even when you are on a winning streak keep your feet grounded and stop thinking that you are the expert. Treat every game with equal seriousness and keep yourself humble. Overconfidence may take your mind off from the game and you might prove yourself to be a fool. Remember, every game will teach you something and add to your experience and expertise.

Not Necessary To Play Every Hand

It is not necessary that you have to play each and every hand — this is one of the best winning poker tips according to me!. It is unlikely that you will get good cards for every hand. On the other hand, try to win money in every hand that you play. Start thinking that you need to win and this mentality will help you win the game.

Do a little research online to find out some effective tips and tricks for winning poker. You can also browse through discussion forums where poker experts have revealed their winning secrets and shared valuable moves.

If you are a beginner, practice is crucial. Once you have learnt about the rules and the strategies, play the game as often as possible.

The strategies of online as well as traditional poker are not very different. So, once you master the tips and tricks of one you can very well apply them to the other.

There are several poker websites which offer online poker tutorials. However, remember just knowing the tips, tricks, and strategies are now enough. You must also know when and where to apply them. After all, an expert is one who knows to make the right move at the right time. That is what winning is all about.

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