Variations of Texas Holdem

Now, as must of us know even if you are only starting to get interested in poker and are not yet an expert Texas Hold Em is the most popular poker game right now. When I was younger and played poker at camp either for matchsticks or pennies; it was the real big time all we knew about was Five Card or Seven Card Draw or Stud.

These days, though, it is all about the Hold Em but did you know there are actually quite a few sub variations of this popular variation? Not a lot of folks do, so throughout the next couple of posts, we are going to take a look at some of the most often played sub versions.

We begin with Kill and Half Kill Texas Hold Em. Here, in a Kill game, if a player is able to meet a very special, specific condition, such as winning two or more pots in succession, then the stakes get doubled for the hand after that.

In a Half Kill game, the stakes go up by fifty percent. The player in question has to post ablind which is equal to the brand new low limit.

Another variation of Texas Hold Em is known as Spread Limit Texas Hold Em. In this game, the rules are similar to what you will see in a game of fixed limit Texas Hold Em. However, on difference is that the bettors are allowed to bet whatever amount of money they like, just as long as it lies between the previously decided minimum bets and maximum bets.

So, in other words, if the current game has a 10 to 30 spread limit, then the player can make any bet between ten bucks and thirty bucks. Simple enough, right? Kind of. The other thing is that every bet and every raise has to either be equal to or more than the previous raise or bet, unless someone goes all in.

When that happens, if the all in amount does not equal out to at least the amount of the previous raise, then the person who raised originally cannot re-raise. So, say Player 1 goes in for twenty bucks, Player 2 decides to call, and Player C goes all in, but for less than forty dollars. In that case, Player 1 cant re-raise.

Playing Texas Holdem Online

As we have seen, Texas Hold Em is a big favorite, and many people are flocking to play it online but playing it on the internet is much different from playing in a bricks and mortar casino.

There are some merits to playing the game online, but there are some cons as well. Speaking of advantages, you do not need to wear sunglasses to bluff, of course! As well, you are playing against actual players rather than playing against the bank. You get to pick a table and in a matter of minutes, you are ready to play.

What could be better, right? The problem is that a lot of people get caught up in the ease and convenience, and they forget what a tricky place the internet can be. Stick with me, though, and we will go a long way towards taking care of that problem.

A lot of people have debated the disadvantages of online poker. What it all comes down to is that there are two primary reasons why online Hold Em isn’t as great as playing it live.

For one thing, it may be easier for you to bluff, but it is harder for you to spot a bluff. You cannot look into the eyes of the other players, thus analyzing or maybe even intimidate them.

You thus have to be extremely careful about making your plays. Remember, you could be playing against anyone.

Then, too, online Hold Em provides an excellent way for novice players to get used to the game. And, of course, the option of being able to play in your underwear is always a plus.

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