The World Poker Tour

Nowadays the popularity of poker increases almost every single minute. If you are a passionate poker fan, you probably know about the numerous poker tournaments, which take place all over the world. Everyone who has been playing poker for a quite long time, dreams to be a part of some large tournaments.

Participating and winning such competitions will bring everyone a world fame and of course a large amount of money. One of the greatest and world-famous tournament is the World Poker Tour.

World Poker Tour is considered to be the first and the only weekly television show in the USA. It is also the only broadcast that shows all players’ cards to the audience. This is made possible by several special cameras inserted in the tables. When the number of the participants goes down to six, the final table is formed. The last game is filmed on a big stage, in front of the spectators. The cameras show all player’s cards, so you can see who is bluffing, who is leading the game and so on. Commentators of the event are the poker champion Mike Sexton and the veteran actor and poker expert Vince Van Patten. The model Shana Hiatt was a host and a reporter during the first three seasons of the World Poker tour tournaments. The famous reporter Courtney Friel was the fourth season’s host. These hosts explain some of the strategies, used by players and talk about some tactics and playing skills.

The first season of the World Poker Tour tournament started at the end of 2002 and continued during the first months of 2003. It aired on the Travel Channel on the American cable television in the spring of 2003. World Poker Tour made its network debut on 1st of February 2004 on NBC. It was created by Casino mogul Lyle Berman and the TV Producer Steve Lipscomb. These educated businessmen knew, that with 50 million poker players in the USA and over 100 millions all over the world this televised tournament can became the most famous TV show. The key for success was that the show was produced in an entertaining and unique way.

How the World Poker Tour championship passes – when you are already a part of the tournament, you will be given a preliminarily determined amount of chips, which is equal for all participants. The continuance of the championship is not defined – players compete until just one acquired all of the chips. The winner takes 30-35% of the whole prize pool. The player, who finishes last at the final table also wins a percentage of the prize pool.

If you can afford the big direct buy-in (around few thousand dollars) or win an online satellite tournament, you can play against some of the world’s best poker players. One of the attractions at the World Poker Tour is the Ladies Night, where six of the top women poker players compete face to face. One of the most interesting things about the tournament is the Walk of Fame, created in 2004. It was made in honor of all great participants, who have played in all World Poker Tour events. In February 2004, the members of this Walk of Fame were introduced at the Commerce Casino. The next group was included in February 2006.

The winners at the World Poker Tour tournaments became ones of the most successful and world-famous poker players forever. Howard Lederer was the first-season’s champion. He started playing poker after his family moved to Las Vegas. In 2005 he won the World Series of Poker and became second at the World Poker Tour championship, all his tournament winnings are about $2,700,000. The winner in the second World Poker Tour season is Erick Lindgren – in 2005 he became second at the World Series of Poker. This year he finished third at the 2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open and his total winnings are approximately $3,300,000. The champion at the 2005 World Poker Tour – Daniel Negreanu, finished first at the 2006 WSOP Circuit Championship at Grand Casino-Resorts in Tunica. His total amount of tournament winnings exceeds $35,000.

As you see all these players have made large amounts of money by participating in the World Poker Tour. Being a competitor in such large poker tournament will give you the opportunity to become a professional poker player. And if you want to be well-prepared for the World Poker Tour or other big tournaments, playing online is probably the best school for you – take part in its daily tournaments, improve your play and you will have real chances to win a seat and even to become first at the World Poker Tour Championship.

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