Texas Holdem History

The origins of poker games are not pointed yet. We don’t know for sure, who is the inventor of Texas Holdem Poker too. Poker games come from different countries and different cultures. First in China one family have played poker at home. They enjoy the game, but it was not called poker – it was domino cards. This game is almost like poker that people play nowadays. 

In 1834 Jonathan Green wrote an article about the game of poker. He included the rules of the game and some other interesting things about poker. He called this game Cheating game. People knew that poker was played from cheaters. Poker games became very popular during the Civil War. Soldiers like betting and they often enjoy poker games.

Some stories tell that Egyptians have created card games. The first card game was played with cards made of wood or ivory. Around 16th century Presians played a game called As Nas, which included some betting rounds and the cards were ranked. This game was really like poker games that people enjoy today. Nowadays players have the opportunity to enjoy many poker games. The best and the most popular is Texas Holdem poker.

In the 16th century a card game has been created, and it was called Primero. This game appears first in Spain. In this game each player is dealt three cards. So there are different believes about the origin of Texas Holdem poker. Many books say that the game comes from 18th century. Poker players also believe that poker comes from a French game, called poque. Texas Holdem poker game was played many years ago and it is still one of the best poker games.

Nowadays players even enjoy the game online, from their homes. This card game becomes popular and loved from many people all over the world. There is a history about the last community card – the river. This card got its name from games in riverboats. Cheaters deal hidden card to make the best poker hand. If someone catches the cheater, he was thrown in the river. So the name of this card becomes The River.

Through the years poker games have evaluated. During the Wild West period of United States, there was a poker table in every saloon and in every town. Many people win from poker games and that makes poker more and more popular. Texas Holdem will always be very loved and played poker game. It makes people from different ages very happy and it brings them large amounts of money.

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