Strict starting hands standards are very important in Limit Texas Hold’em play. A lot of players play too many hands and lose money because of this. However, whether to play or fold your opening cards isn’t an easy decision to make. There are many factors to consider before you act:

  • Your position at the table.
  • The number of players sitting at the table.
  • The number of players in the pot when it’s your turn.
  • The actions of your opponents. Did someone raise and from what position?
  • he structure of the game. Tight or loose?

Number of players in the pot

If many players have called before it’s your turn to act you should lower your starting hand standards. In these cases you might even play weak hands like 76s or small pocket pairs since the increase in value in multi-way pots. When the table is short-handed (six players or less), high cards are worth more. Aces with a kicker lower than 10 actually become playable under these circumstances. On the other hand, in a full ring game, hands like AT, KT, QT are worth less as they easily become trap hands. In multi-way pots these hands run the risk of being outdrawn.

Type of game and position

The structure of the game is something that always has to be considered. If the game is loose you play more hands, if the game is tight you have to play more conservatively. Another thing to think about is your position at the table. You play more hands from late positions since you will have the advantage of acting after the other players in the upcoming betting rounds. Consequently you should play fewer hands from early positions.