Texas Holdem is a form of poker that has been around for some time, but has only recently experienced a surge in popularity due in part to the increase in televised poker tournaments, just study what are poker tournaments, which usually feature this exciting game. You might want to try Texas Hold’em but aren’t ready to risk real money learning the game. Is there a way to play free Texas Hold’em?

One good way to play free Texas Hold’em is by investing in poker simulation software. These programs allow you to play Texas Hold’em on your home computer without risking any real money. Unlike play money sites online, where your opponents are likely to throw chips in with reckless abandon, simulated opponents always give you their best game.

When playing free Texas Hold’em using one of these simulators, you can have the computer select a group of random opponents or you can set the opponents yourself. It’s a good idea to have a table with a mix of styles, so that you can get used to playing many different kinds of players.

Simulators allow you to play free Texas Hold’em ring games or tournaments. You will require different programs for each and each has their own distinctive features. Most simulators also provide an analysis program that will go over your game and tell you what you did right or wrong. The simulators also can collect data on the way you and your opponents have played, and provide charts for you to peruse in order to improve your game.

You can find software to play free Texas Hold’em games anywhere poker supplies are sold. Do a little comparison shopping and check the reviews to see which simulators provide the most realistic poker experience. After enough sessions on the computer poker simulator, you’ll be ready to move from free Texas Hold’em to real money games, either live or online. Either way, good luck.

Is it worth it to play Texas Hold’em online? I would say yes, definitely! I began playing Texas Hold ‘Em with my friends, sitting outside at tables playing cash games and tournaments. I had a great time, but was enjoying playing Poker so much that I wanted to be able to play more often and become a better player. When I discovered that I could play Texas Hold ‘Em online, I was ecstatic. I was a little nervous at first because I was still relatively new, but I decided to take the plunge anyway.

At first, I only played with play money. I couldn’t think about putting real money onto an account because I didn’t truly know what I was getting into. I enjoyed playing for free online. I met some people that I truly liked to play with. I also had some of my friends that signed up and we would play together on the same tables. One of the greatest things about playing Texas Hold ‘Em online for me was that I truly began to realize how many different styles and strategies people followed when they played the game. Some people online are a little overzealous and because it’s not real money do not take playing completely seriously. This is fun sometimes, but annoying other times. I didn’t mind going all-in pre-flop many hands because the play money is unlimited. I may end up having to sit out one hand, but I could re-buy and be back in the action before I even noticed that I had sat out a hand.

In addition to viewing all the different types of people that are online playing Texas Hold ‘Em, I also saw how many different options I had to choose from once I sat down to play. Some poker sites have tables with blinds as low as $.10 and $.25, and higher than $100. There were cash games to play, tournaments (large or small one table tournaments) and of course, freerolls – which are always fun because you pay nothing and have the opportunity to win real money. One of the other great things about playing online is that if you are interested in WSOP, many places have the option to enter tournaments to qualify for a seat at the main event. Though only one person wins this chance, it’s exciting to be involved with the action.

After I played Texas Hold ‘Em online for awhile for free, I decided to sign up for a real money account. I loved playing with real money. It was fun, time consuming and yep – a little addicting. I found tournaments that were inexpensive and allowed me to win over three times the amount that I spent to buy-in. The cash games were also fun because I could leave as soon as I wanted if I had won more money than what I had expected. Also, playing Texas Hold ‘Em online prepared me more for playing in live gambling casinos, which are now my favorite place to play at. I definitely recommend playing Texas Hold ‘Em online.