Slow Playing Poker

For every poker player, competing in a poker tournament is very exciting and also could be profitable. You probably know that when you participate in such events each of the players at the table has a different manner of playing. But here are a few basic ways of playing, which everyone should know and follow if he wants to be a successful player.

When you play Low Limit games, you should be more aggressive and play faster, but when you compete in High Limit games, you should play slower. This is because in High Limit games your goal is to win as many chips as you can, but you must do it very carefully and slowly, because the money you wager are quite a lot.

When someone of your opponents plays slow, don’t think that he wants to irritate the other players at the table. The slowplaying is a way to decide more precisely how to act. Of course, the slowplaying has its advantages and disadvantages. The success of playing slow depends on the hands you have. For example, playing slow in Limit Holdem is not the best way to win the pot. In Limit Holdem you should play slow just when you have a great hand and your opponents will be scared of it. If you have A-5 of one suit and flop comes with K-7-4 of the same suit, you could afford to play slow. When we talk about No Limit Holdem, we should say that this is a game of finesse, skills, strategy and creativity. In the game of No Limit Texas Holdem, via slowplaying, the players often used to trap their opponents in order to take their money. So you should be very careful when you play No Limit games, because you could lose your chips in one hand.

In case you have an average hand after the flop and you have raised it, you should continue playing if the other players haven’t folded. If somebody calls you, you must think what to do very carefully. In this case the slowplay will help you, because playing fast can cost you a lot of money. There are a few cases, in which the slowplay is not recommended. If you have J-J and you are in an early position, you feel uncertain when the flop is J-8-7, because there is a real chance somebody to hold a better hand. In this case you have most of the Jacks and many players must be afraid of betting with 8-8 or 7-7. But if one of your opponents holds 9-10, your hand will be beaten at this point of the game. The flop is too dangerous, especially if J-8-7 are suited. The things won’t be so complicated if you play from a late position – your opponents’ actions will help you decide how to play your hand.

If you want to be a good poker player, don’t hesitate to play slow sometimes. This will help you to examine your opponents and also surprise them in the best way. Sometimes you should act as a weak, when holding a strong hand, but sometimes you should be strong when you are dealt bad cards. If you want your play to be more effective, use the slowplaying against the aggressive players. The cases, in which you must use the slowplaying as a strategy, is when you hold an extremely strong hand. But if you are not sure about the strength of your hand, you can trap yourself. Your slowplay will be successful if you don’t use it automatically, but as a strategy when it is necessarily. The best way is to mix slow and fast gambling. In this way you will avoid to be predictable for your opponents. If you combine the slowplaying and bluffing in the right moment, you will surely have a success.

Being a slow player is not so easy as you think. If you enter Party Poker and watch your opponents’ play, you will see that those who use the slowplaying as a strategy are among the best at the table. It is very important for you to decide exactly when to slowplay. When you learn to do that, your play will certainly be better and your winnings will be much more.

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