Significance of Poker Position

Every experienced poker player will surely tell you how important is your position at the table. As you probably know your position is fixed for every betting round, so you should learn how to adapt your play to your position when you play poker. Most of the players think that no matter where they sit, the game will be successful. But that is not true, because the position sets your play. All three positions in the game – Early, Middle and Late, have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

The best position is obviously the dealer’s position, because he can see all players’ acts, reactions and strategies. Those, who stands to the left of the dealer must act first after the flop – he is in the earliest position. The competitor, who sits to the left to the small blind is also in early position. Being in an early position means to stand on 1, 2 or 3 seat to the immediate left of the dealer. To be in an early position is considered as a big disadvantage, because you don’t know how the other players are going to act. If you raise with a good hand they may fold and you will win nothing. In early position you should play all your hands tightly. You must play much tighter than if you are in a middle or late position. This will give you the chance to see how the players after you will act.

If you are in early position and nobody of the other players have acted, it will be good for you to raise if you hold good cards. If you have strong cards like AA, KK, AK or QQ, you may even re-raise if someone had raised before you. In such situation, the best thing you could do is to play your hand aggressively. If you want to be the winner, just isolate your opponents’ opportunity for raising. With such high cards, in early or even in middle position you should be a tight-aggressive player.

When you are in a middle position you have more chances for a good game. This means to play from 4, 5 or 6 seat to the left of the dealer. Because of the reason that after you there are only four players, you will have the chance to play more hands. However, you have a higher opportunity to play your cards better, because you can see the previous gamblers’ play and reactions. Playing from a middle position, you will have more chances to call your hand. If everyone in front of you has folded, you could raise in order to steal the blinds. The acts of the competitors, who have played prior to you will certainly help you make good decisions. For example, if the ‘under-the-gun’ competitor raises, you should analyze carefully your hand’s strength, based on the previous act.

The best position you can play from is the late one. If you are at the first seat to the right of the button or you are on the button you can play as many hands as you want. It is sure that you have better position, because all the other players have already acted. You have enough information about the number of calls, raises, re-raise and folds. The advantage to be in a late position is that you can decide exactly what is the best way to play your hand. Late position is considered as the powerful one, but don’t forget to use attentively the information you have gathered. From such position, hands that are unplayable from an early position, are good enough to be played. When you are in late position you have the opportunity to see how the play develops and you will be able to play even average hands.

You know that the strong cards as AA or KK are playable, no matter of your position, but just few times you will be dealt such cards. In other cases, when you haven’t so good cards, the position you play from will be very important for your success. So when you gamble, just be careful and adjust your play according to your position at the table.

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