Seven card stud is a new game on the block. It happens to be another version of another game that was already popular and it is called stud poker. Seven card stud was the most played and the best choice in all the house games available online and it was gaining a lot of popularity in United States and also in many casinos across the country mainly in the eastern part. Then of course, the popularity of another game called Texas Hold’em took over.

The similarity between the two games is the number of players required to play the game. In both the games, the minimum requirement is two players and the maximum number of players is eight. However, in a situation where all the eight-player play till the end and none of them fold there is a little change of rules. At times when there are experienced players playing the game then even nine players can play, as they are players who often opt to fold. Assuming that you know the general rules of poker and are also aware of the hand values the descriptions of what the game is all about follows.

The other assumptions are that the person following the description is also aware of the structure of betting that is normally used in poker games. It is a normal thing to use a small ante in a casino play and it is also common to bring-in. However unlike casino plays in house games you generally only use ante. In H.O.R.S.E a Seven-card stud is the “S” game and it has many similarities to the mixed game formats.

The game follows the following procedure and remember in the instruction player refers to the players who have not folded and are continuing with the game. Between the game there are betting rounds too. The player with the highest hand show starts the game. The betting always follows a clock-wise patter. Each player is given two cards each and the cards are dealt with their face down and one card is given to each player with the face up. Fourth street refers to the upcard to each player, while Fifth street is the upcard to each player and the Sixth Street/Turn is upcard to each player. The Seventh Street/River is the downcard to each player – showdown.

Another equally popular type of a card game is called “Mississippi Stud”. In the “Mississippi Stud” the betting round is removed somewhere in between the fourth street and the fifth street. The other difference is that the betting round is limited to four rounds. The other difference is that in this game the river card is dealt face up instead of face down. Therefore the Seven card stud shares a lot of similarity between Texas Hold’em. This is because the betting structure is similar. There are also other similarities like the fact that there are equal numbers of cards that are up and also down. The thrills and chills of seven stud poker come from moves such as these!