Seven card stud is a new game on the block. It happens to be another version of another game that was already popular and it is called stud poker. The first step in the game is when three cards are dealt to each player in which two cards are dealt face down and one card is dealt face up. There is a concept of bring-in. If the players are playing with bring-in the player, an upcard that has the lowest- ranking has to pay the bring-in. Then after this procedure, the rest of the betting is like the normal game where the betting is done clockwise.

If there is a situation where there are two players who have the same low ranked cards then a suit can be used so that the tie is broken and the bring-in is assigned to one player. All this is in case there is a bring-in however if there is no bring-in then the player who shows the card with the highest ranking in the upcard starts the betting procedure. Again if there is a situation where there are two players who have the similar high upcard then the player who plays first is the one who is the first in the rotation when it goes clockwise.

This is followed until the fifth round of betting and then comes the showdown but that is only if it is necessary. So “four up, two down, one down” is the summary of the Seven card stud. When it is a showdown then each of the players can make a poker hand that is the best five card poker hand and it has to be best that he can make out of the seven cards that he was dealt with. What you need to know is that there are a total of 60 cards comprising of seven cards each that is dealt to the eight players and the burn cards which is four in number. However, the total number of cards in a deck is 52.

This is not a problem because in most of the cases many players would have folded in the earlier rounds. If as usual some players fold then there is no issue of a shortage however if this does not happen then one option is to limit the players to seven or if the game is already started with eight players then the option is to play the already played or previously played or burnt cards. These cards can be used when only a few cards are required to complete the entire deal.

At times even these burnt out cards are not sufficient at such times the other option is to deal a single card from the community in the last round instead of dealing a downcard to each player. Remember never should the discarded card from a folded hand be used or recycled even for use at a later stage. In stud poker players can get information from the cards that are face up and that will help them o make important decisions that will change the course of the game.