The history of the seven card stud poker game as well details about the origin of poker are shrouded in mystery as well as most of the card games that have become so increasingly popular. It has been difficult finding out exactly where the game actually began, and till now no one is entirely sure about it. It is essential to know first where exactly the game of poker originated before you consider the history of seven card stud poker. Both the seven card stud poker game, as well as poker is known to have many theories.

It is commonly believed that it is from the Poque which is a French card game that the name poker first originated. In the German language, the work ‘pochen’ means to knock and it is from this word that the name Poque arose. There is a game called Nas, which is a Persian game to which the game resembles a lot. It was with a five suit deck that the game was played. It was from a combination of the Nas and Pogue that the poker game actually came into existence. The poker game involves a lot of bluffing and that it is believed that the bluffing concept actually was derived from another source. This other source is said to be Brag, which was spelled as Bragg and is an English game.

Very similar to the poker game the game involves playing with just three cards. It was in the year 1829 the first game of poker was recorded in the United States of America in a place called New Orleans. The card deck consisted of four aces, four kings, four queens, four jacks, and four tens, totaling to twenty cards, with all the cards have a value of ten and above ten. The object of the game was to which one of the players made a five card hand that consisted cards having the highest values.

Gradually this game spread to the riverboats of Mississippi where many of the artists used different methods of claiming their pokes as well as money stashes. The game was finally named as Poker after Jonathan H. Green, an author in one of the books he wrote, described this card game as a ‘cheating card game’. Mr. Green has been given the credit of giving the game, the name of ‘Poker’. It was during the American Civil War that the game of Stud Poker gradually emerged. The invention of the word stud is attributed also to the cowboys in areas like Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

The official Poker variant was played in the year 1864, which was the first version of the 5 card stud game appearing The American Hoyle. One of the most favored variations was the draw poker, till the s even card stud was introduced in the early years of the twentieth century. Until the 1980’s the game gained a lot of popularity and became a professional game. Now sought by the crčme de la crčme of the casino arena, seven card stud is a rave!