Playing seven card poker calls for some good moves and timely application of skill and intuition. Getting a good hand is one thing on the poker table and using it effectively can be quite another ball game altogether. Remember that in all poker games each hand after the first deal is right. This is the time when you have to make a decision as to whether you will surrender your ante or you will play the hand. Sometime people get too bonded with their antes.

One thing that you should remember is the fact that antes are too cheap to be attached too and you can actually afford to have a few of them. However if you continue to make losses on the 7th street then there are chances that you will be thrown out of the game. The following are some of the hands that can be played at the 3rd street in the 7 stud just after the first deal. It is called the rolled up trips. These are dealt fro the get-go and they have to be cards, which are three of a kind. You can sometimes win this hand even if you have no help from the other streets.

Then there are the top pairs which is a pair of 10’s and sometimes even better than that, great heads-up starting hands to say the least. All you need to do when you have such cards is to continue to raise. Never make a mistake of slow playing when you have such cards because this is the mistake that many people who are new to the game make. This will allow others to better and your chances of winning will fall. And the last suggestion is that if you have a pair of aces and there is only one person against you who has a draw hand then it is the best situation you can be in.

Remember if more people are choosing to stay in then the top pairs tend to lose their value quickly. If you are in the situation that I mentioned earlier then in most cases you tend to win. Therefore if you have a top pair one thing you must try to do is to drive out as many players as you can from the game. Many people make a mistake of betting even if you are dealt 3 to a flush.

Always remember that though you have a chance of a great win you always need a draw hand and only that will make you win. There are some things like whether it is a high hand, are you being dealt with an Ace or is it 3 or is it 10. These things and more will help you determine if you have a strong 3 to a flush. The starting hand decides the fate of the game to a large extent. It is to this end that strategies revolving around the starting hand are developed and implemented in the game. They are also available for viewing in your own time. A good seven card poker hand is a lead straight into the pot!