Poker is an interesting card game. It is now being played the world over online as well as offline, in all its variants. The traditional version of this variation of poker was taken over by the seven card stud game called the Texas Hold ’em – or the Omaha 8 Poker. The new avatar involved a slight twist in the game. The game became a hot favorite amongst casual players as well as gamblers. This game is played popularly in the internet casinos, in home games and is of course in Vegas it is a game that has gained immense popularity. The following is a sample deal of a game.

In this game there are four players and let’s assume that player 1 starts the game and the players on the left of player 1 are player 2, 3 and 4. The ante of 25 cents is with all players. The player 1 has to start the game by dealing each player 2 downcards and one upcard. The player 2 starts the game and the first round ends with player 1. Suppose the player 2 is given the 3S, Player 2 the K D, Player 4 the 5 D, and Player 1 the 8 C. Player 3 is supposed to start with a bring-in of $1 because they are playing with a bring-in of $1(25 cents each).

Though he has an option of betting for more, let us suppose that Player 3 chooses to only bet for the required minimum of $1. The reason player 3 is starting to bet is because the card that player 3 has is the lowest. According to the bring-in the betting is now set for $1 and so Player 1 cannot check. The next thing that Player 1 does is to dealt second round of face up cards to each of the other players. This time player 3 gets J C and player 1 gets K H. Player 1 cannot make a poker hand because the two upcards are of no pair.

Player 1 checks and the bet ends. When player 1 has a pair of kings showing and player 3 has no pairs then player 1 gets to bet first. This time she bets for $5 and this time the third player calls. On the next round, player 3 receives the 8 D, making her upcards K-J-9-9. Player 1 receives the 2 S. Player 1’s upcards are 8-K-K-2; so the player 3 bets $5 since the pair of kings is higher than player 3’s pair of 9’s, and so player 1 bets for $5 and player 3 makes a call.

With the right deal and hand in seven stud poker, the game plan becomes all the more interesting. The online arena is full of assistance any newcomer would need while playing with the pros. It pays to adhere to the guidelines offered by the gurus of the casino world. Help in the form of suggestions and tips and advice are available free of charge, online, 24×7. In the light of this development, seven stud poker has become nothing short of a pandemic around the world!