Best Ways to Deal with Poker Tilt

When a poker player deals with so much stress because of a series of bad beats, he has the strong tendency to go on tilt. If you are on a tilt, they your bankroll suffers a lot since you decide using your emotions and not your logic. At first you might not lose money at first with a little luck coming into play but eventually you will lose your poker money and at worst, your business or house. This is why you need to be on constant watch if you are in danger of tilting.

Avoid tilting

Avoiding tilt is much better than coping with it. Just like the cliché goes, prevention is better than cure. The same banana applies in poker. You need to make the adjustments and corrections even before you go on tilt. If you are already on tilt, it is already too late.


In order to be profitable in poker and avoid all the troubles involved with it, you need to understand the ins and outs of the game. When you hear about stories of bad beats, you will notice that the poker player does not have the basics of the game. You will also gain knowledge about your game if you keep a record of your games. Know your weaknesses and you can be a stronger poker player.


Tilt is your emotions going on overdrive. Knowing the most important aspects of poker is not enough. You need to know to know your triggers. A lot of poker players point to bad beats, alcohol, and losing a ton of money. Triggers differ for each individual and the key is knowing what triggers you to go on tilt. Recall what happened when you tilted before and avoid as much of the triggers as possible.

When not sure, quit

If you have a feeling that you are about to go on tilt, or already on tilt, but you are not sure, the best way is to quit. Do not wait until you are certain that you are on a tilt. This is the only quitting on earth that will really be good for you.

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