Poker and Body Language

Body language plays a very important role in the game of poker. One of the most established fact is that if a professional is trying to make certain movements obvious it is a trap and players should avoid it. The game of poker entails all the players to read the body language of the opponents. You can gauge a player just by observing his body movements. Reading the opponents may even help you win a game.

Players use the tool of body language to dupe the opponents. Most of the seasoned players can easily see through the nascent player’s game because of their weak body language.

A very common occurrence in the game of poker is that if any of the player has premium cards he would always try to give misleading information to confuse the other set of players. One of the common things that players do is peeking at their cards very regularly.

Another common movement that players indulge in is that they lean forward while playing. Players often do that so they can have a better view of the other players on the poker table. Leaning forward may indicate high levels of interest in the game.

Some people opine that shaking hands symbolize nervousness. However, it is not the case always. The hands of many players tremble after they have won a massive pot. While collecting the chips trembling of hands gets obvious but however this does not indicate nervousness.

Eye contact is another powerful weapon that players use to dupe the opponents. As it has been stated that eyes are the mirror which reflect the true feelings of a person however this can be manipulated in poker. If a player has a lousy hand with impeccable body language and magnetic eye contact he can dupe the opponents and win the game. (This one was first written down by Mike Caro in his Book of Poker Tells)

The game of poker is largely dependent on strategies and body language, and the live poker experts like Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier know exactly how to maximize their advantage. The way you sit, talk, and observe people is all taken into account by the opponents who try their level best to gauge you and your game. It would not be wrong to say that body language is an imperative part of the game plan and the strategy to win the pot.

All in all body language can be misleading so players should avoid being solely dependent on it to progress in the game.

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