Texas Holdem Pocket Queens Strategy

When you’re playing a game of No Limit Texas Hold’em, the best hand to have is a pair of Queens. This is especially true if you’re playing right before the flop. This is because if you ever get caught in a raise, the only hands you have to fear are kings or aces. After the flop, though, you need to exercise a lot of caution. You’re at the risk of an “over-card” at this time, and you must never be “married” to any of your opponent’s hands.

This means that you should fold when you feel that you’re actually going to be beaten. Statistically speaking, though, the chances of your opponents having either aces or kings which could beat your hand are very low. However, in case of heavy betting before a flop, you need to assess your position very closely. First, look at your opponents’ playing styles.

In this situation, a player with a very tight playing style and only re-raises a bet when a king, an ace, or an ace-king is on the table, it’s safe to say that they’re holding a hand with a king, an ace, or both. If the opponent’s playing style is loose, there’s a lower possibility that s/he is holding a king or an ace.

Two things to pay attention to when you’re playing the pocket queens strategy is to look at the stacks and your actual position in the table. You should look for the loose player in your table. If the loose raiser is right beside you, to your right, then it’s okay to re-raise the bet. You’re trying to dodge additional callers when you do this, and you’re also making sure that you’re playing the pot with a heads-up position.

The stack sizes on the table also influence the game, especially when you have a pair of queens. On a shallow stack play, once the antes and blinds reach 10% of your total stack, you should always re-raise. During a shallow stack play, it’ll benefit you to go all in. This way, you can increase your stack if things work to your favor. After all, only aces or kings can beat you here.

This strategy is only disadvantageous when you’re dealt with the queens too early and you’re facing a full house.

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