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Since when the game of poker exactly dates is a matter of debate. It was thought that the name of the game comes from the French word poque, that comes from the German pochen (‘to knock’). The English actor Joseph Crowell wrote that the game was first played in New Orleans in 1829, with a deck of 20 cards and four players, who competed for the most valuable hand.

The game has been spread up the Mississippi and West during the Golden Rush. Poker becomes popular on the other continents tanks to the USA soldiers. In the beginning the competitors played poker just for fun, but later during the Golden Rush, they started playing it for money. Nowadays people can play poker for free or for real money and if you want to practise it without giving and money, free poker games are just for you.

Rules of the free poker games are the same as the ordinary poker’s rules. When you play poker,¬†you will compete against 1 to 9 computer players, who are real persons, not programs or a kind of software. Everybody will tell you that free poker games are easier than others, but that is not true. First, if you want to be a good player, no matter whether you play in real poker tournament or in free one, you should know the rules. Playing poker well is a consequence of a long process of learning all tiny things about it. Probably all poker players realize that free poker is very appropriate for beginners. The fact, that in free poker they don’t lose any money, makes them more concentrated and devoted to the game.

Free poker gaming may see pointless to many players, but if you think about the goal of playing it, you will see that it is very useful. Usually the beginners want to play for free, because they don’t want to lose or win money, but just to learn how to play this card game. Remember that the main benefit of playing real-money games is the money you could win. And if you are a new poker player you won’t enjoy at all. All new players should play free poker mostly to learn how to play better, how to control their emotions, how to read their opponents and so on. The point of the game should not be to collect play money chips, but learn how to accumulate real money chips.

If you learn to win in free games, you will soon be able to win in a real money tournament. When you are a newbie, you think that free games are only for weak players, but if you play such kind of poker, the chance to learn more about the game is higher. In all free poker games you will meet both professionals and very weak poker players. Playing against expert players you will have the chance to remember their best acts and use them when you play for real money. Watching the trained players’ play you will see the strategies, tricks and tactics, which will help you improve your play.

Playing free poker games you will have the opportunity to learn thoroughly the rules of the game, the specific ticks and many other useful things. Just like in real-money poker, everyone wants to leave the game as a winner. Remember that if you can win a free poker game, you won’t have any difficulties to win a real-money one.

The game of poker is a puzzle of strategies and tactics, which every new player should master. But to learn the game down to the last detail, you should play for free for a long time. One of the best ways for every beginner to remember the game’s rules, strategies and tips is to play for free. Practising free poker will make you a potential winner.

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