Learn Poker Tells

If you want to play poker you need to know the game’s strategy, basic rules and winning tips. Once you learn all these useful things, you can call yourself a poker player. But in gambling you will see that there are some specific tactics, which will help you to improve your play, your poker skills and will increase your chances for winning. Some of these useful tricks are the so-called poker tells. We call tells everything as face expression, body movements, bluffing, cheating and so on. 

The first thing you should do when you sit at the table is watch you opponents’ eyes. Probably not to express their feelings some poker players, which are familiar with the poker tells, used to play with sunglasses. One of the ways to make your opponents think you have bad cards is to stare at them. If someone want to steal the pot, he will look at his left to see if the other players looked in their cards in order to fold. But be careful when you use your eyes, because in some situations everyone could catch the liar.

Other way to cover yourself is to wear some kind of downward hat. It is a good way to avoid the examination of the other players at the table. The so-called body tics are very treacherous, because they provide some kind of information to your opponents. If you have a weak hand your face unfortunately can become unhappy and be sure that the others will see it. If courage is written on your face, your opponents will understand that you have a strong hand.

Remember that poker players could be ones of the best liars – they often like to be preys. One of the most frequently used ways to change the game is when you look disappointed at your cards, in spite of they are very good. If you want to look helpless, just make your voice tiny and try to look intimidated.

Anxiety also appears when you are in a difficult situation. Under physical pressure you can feel tremble of muscles, bleared eyes, fast heart beating, dry throat and so on. In poker if someone has a strong hand, he will surely try to use some of these tactics in order to mislead his opponents and win the hand. During a bluff, a player may demonstrate anxiety, but if he knows he will fold the hand, he may look quite comfortable.

Trembling hands is also very used method for bluffing. This nervousness of the hands usually represents a really strong hand. Also if you see some of the other players to glance at the chips in front of him, it usually means that he is planning to attack. Staring at the other players’ chips will convince him to act more aggressively.

When it is time to flop, some players take again a look at their cards and this is because they see a potential 3 card flush draw. Such player tries to realize whether any of the community cards is connected with some of his own or not. As most of the ordinary things in live, some of the most expected sometimes don’t happen. In the game of poker when everyone think that a player will surely fold after being re-raised, this player can surprise you.

Some of the competitors change very often their pose, based on the strength of their hand. If you notice a player to stand in an erect position, remember that he has a strong hand. You also should know that someone who bluff too much has may be the weakest card at the table. The way that chips are stacks is also very important – the strong participants always put their chips sloppy, while tight players stack them very precisely.

If you learn these poker tells and how to read your opponents, your play will be more successful, no matter you don’t see your opponents. Every new-learned poker trick and tactics will surely improve your skills no matter where you play.

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