Holdem “All In” and “Bad Beat”

All In

Going, “All In” is a Texas Holdem term meaning that you are betting your entire stack of chips on this one hand. In a tournament, it may be your last hand if you loose. Some tournaments allow you to rebuy chips. At a brick and mortar casino in a regular Holdem Poker game you can rebuy as many times as you can afford.

Going All In can be an offensive move. Suppose you think that your opponent is on a straight draw but you are pretty sure that he does not have it yet. If he hits a straight will beat your set(Three of A Kind) So you want to make it as expensive for him to draw as you possible can. Going All In tells him that you have a very strong hand and he must hit to beat you.

Going All In can be a defensive move. Suppose you have a very good hand but do not have the chips in front of you to keep up with the betting. Going all in in this case will let you share that part of the pot in which you already have money invested.

Going All In is the strongest bluff. Nothing talks like money nor is anything more convincing in a poker game than putting your whole stack up against the out come. Try this tactic to much and you are going to loose Big Time. There are very few shrinking violets playing poker. It is a gamblers game that demands a high degree of skill. Trying to bluff by going all in over and over again is going to get your bluff called by more than on poker playing gambling man at the table.

Bad Beat

I was playing last night and got creamed by a, “Bad Beat”. I was sitting with Ace/Ace in the pocket and hit a set on the flop. Of course I was raising every chance that I could and did not get a re-raise until the river. Which was OK with me. The flop was Ace-h-7d-5c. The turn, 2d, and the river 7h. The seven of hearts gave me the full house so I raised back. After the smoke cleared I was beaten by 4 7s. I did the only thing that a sane man can do and went to play slots

Don’t laugh. The bad beat will happen to you if you play any amount of Texas Holdem. Actually the incident above was not really all that bad. The guy had a legitimate hand. He took a gut shot and won. And hey, what the hell. You are never going to see four of a kind unless you draw to it from time to time.

A real bad beat is when somebody draws against you with no attention payed to common sense or odds. I was beaten once by a player who must in the long run spend lots of money on poker games. He consistently ran his luck all the way to the river and was not that lucky. On one hand it came down to just him and I. I had a pair of kings in the pocket and hit the set on the flop. It came K, 4,6. The turn showed up a Jack. No help to either him or I. I was feeling pretty confident with my set of Aces and did not hesitate to bet. He beat me on the river when a 7 was turned over. He had been drawing to 5,8 unsuited. Imagine that. Being in the game with a 5,8 unsuited at all. Imagine staying all the way to the river to draw to an inside straight.

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