The most commonly played card game of American household is just not just restricted to the American continent, even though many of the big names like Doyle Brunson are from the good old US of A. Instead, it is being played across the world in several casinos in various variation of its own. Generally played with a stack of thirty-two cards in homes and standard fifty four card stack in casinos, it is also twisted to accommodate more people. But we shall not delve into the details of such a game, but go forward and find out the game variants.

Yes! Very interestingly, five card draw poker has its own variations. This is done not only to bring more interest into the game but also to provide choices to the players at the dealers table. In order to speak about any of the variations of five card draw poker we must begin with the “Jackpots”.

The “Jackpots” five card draw poker only begins when any of the players have a pair of jacks or even better cards in their first five. Hence, in a particular round if nobody possesses a pair of jacks all hand are to be folded and ante’s dissolved. With the new game, new ante’s are dealt and same rules apply again. The process continues until someone has a pair of jacks and starts betting.

The second form is called “double draw.” Though the rules are almost the same, a player is allowed to draw twice in this game instead of once. In addition, most games have a double betting round but unlike those, “double draw five card draw poker” allows three betting rounds.

One of the most interesting forms is the “lowball” more commonly known as the California lowball. Unlike the case where the person with the highest hand takes the ante, lowball only allows the player with the lowest hand to take the ante. Hence in this kind of a game generally the straights and flushes don’t count. So, the ace to 5 is often regarded as the winning hand, and also ironically called the worst hand.

Last but not the least variation of 5 card draw poker is the “deuce to seven triple draw”. Here too the lowest hand wins the race. However, ace is not a low card here like lowball. Ace is always considered a high. The 5 card draw poker has three draws instead of two. In the first round the player can draw twice and once in another round after he bets again. Another important thing is that flushes do count in this game.

Irrespective of whichever form of five card draw poker we play or tend to like, the key to all these games is the strategy. The dealing at the first hand often decides which hand to play or fold, the odds of which do not change generally even after several draws. Occasionally, the seating or the position is also responsible in determining the winning odds. Hence, it is advisable to play a tight hand in the beginning and loosen up gradually with time taking advantage of a playing position. In addition, another important key to winning the 5 card draw poker is carding. All these factors together with the capability to calculate the probability of a perfect draw decides the fate of a 5 card draw poker player.