If you have ever played Five Card Draw Poker you would know that players with high hands tend to be the winner most of the time. This game of poker is probably the most oldest among all other poker games. They say it is the original, the grand daddy of the poker world. This game was once the most popular form of poker attracting experienced as well as new poker players. Although the poker game of Texas Hold’em now holds the title of being the most popular poker game out there, Five Card Draw Poker still holds its own in the wave.

If you really go ahead and understand all the poker games played worldwide then you would understand that Five Card Draw Poker is really a simple game. It’s played in rounds of two and you really don’t get access to a lot of information as to the cards on the other player’s hand. This really makes the game not well suited for online players as reading your opponent’s gestures to figure out what sort of hand he or she has is an integral part of the game. Just like in any game if you want to be ahead of your opponent, you need to have the knowledge as well as skill.

If you are playing Five Card Draw Poker then sitting at the right side of the table is vital, you might be able to chase gutshot straight draws much cheaper. Being the last player of the round to make a move can give you a lot of information about the other player’s hand as well as the cards you would need to win the pot. So, being the last player of the round is always beneficial. The best players in the game always rely on their ability to understand their opponent’s style and thinking. After playing a few hands of Five Card Draw Poker you should be able to get a feel for how the other players react to each situation and how serious they are about the game. Although the serious players tend to be more focused about the game but in actuality, the serious players give out more signs about what’s in their hand than the non-serious ones. This really reflects about the hopes and dreams of that person regarding the game. So, the more you think about winning the game the more chance you have of loosing.

If you have the courtesy to talk to the other players before or during the game then try to know as much about them as possible then you would have a clear idea about what to look for when judging the cards in their hand. You also have to understand the basic strategies that people apply according to the cards in their hand like. For example, if a player draws three cards, it is likely that he or she has a pair in hand, and if the same person draws one card, then you have a high danger signal since he or she could have two pairs already.