The fundamental rules must be learnt by heart if you want success at anything and Five Card Draw Poker is no exception to this rule. People play poker for entertainment, pastime, or have a dream of making it big in the industry and actually making a career out of it but everyone wants to win. People may say that gambling is all about luck but poker is still a game of cards and it has rules like in any game and the one with the most skill, knowledge and of course, the best hand gets to win the jackpot.

Five Card Draw Poker is one of the simplest and easy to understand poker game out there. It is also the oldest game poker. All the other forms of poker originated from it. The basic rules of any poker game have all come from it. So, if you want to get good at poker then it is imperative that you start by learning this game. The name given to the first bet of the game is called ‘ante’. This bet is non-refundable and has to be made by all players and is a requirement in order to start the game. This amount actually represents the pot for which the game is played. Now the player with the door card of the lowest value has to do the ‘bring in’. It is generally placed at half the amount of the lowest wager on the table.

If it is not being played for the bring-in then the first round of betting gets initiated by the player possessing the door card with the highest value. In every betting round, each player has four options from which they have to choose. A player can choose to increase the steak by making a bet or decide to evaluate the other players in by doing a check. If you feel that your hand is not good enough then you can also opt for fold and leave option where you actually quit the game and save yourself from losing more money. Every card in the game has a value and every hand is judged by the values of different cards in the hand.

Cards of denomination from 2-9 has are called low cards. The jack, queen, king, and ace are regarded as high cards. The last card dealt to the poker player is called river card. After the river card gets dealt, everyone has to call their final decision. The player with the highest value wins the pot. So, the goal throughout the game is to get the hand with the highest value. You don’t generally get to see a table where all players managed to survive till the end. Normally you would likely see two or three players still in the game at the last point. If somehow the last two players of the hand have the same type of hand then the individual value of each card is taken into consideration while deciding on the winner of the jackpot.