Many of us play the game of 5 card draw poker but very few understand the proper art of mastering the game – even though it’s a lot easier than 7 card stud poker. Several researches indicate that even after years of gaming, people can’t grasp the mathematics of the game. Seasoned experts too often face trouble understanding the draw, hands etc. Enthusiasts and researchers say that it is this deception and thrill of the game that makes it more interesting and so popular to play at the end of the day, despite the risks involved of losing money. The addiction to a promising constant thrill inspires the urge in people to opt for it.

In order to learn the game of five card draw poker, we must concentrate on all the three most essential fields namely “ante’s and blinds”, “the betting options” and lastly “limits to betting”. Firstly, ante’s are a certain amount of money put in a pot to ensure the game starts and bets are done later. It should not be mistaken as a bet. The other is to place a forced bet even before the player receives his five cards. This is called a blind since the player bets before the game begins. Blinds are further classified into the “big blind” which is the smallest bet allowed and the “little blind” comprising of a part of the big blind. The little blind bet is always placed by the first player on the dealers left at the beginning of the game.

Second, we come to our betting options. These can be classified into check, call, and raise. Once a game is about to begin with a person, he or she can either check that is pass the bet or make the initial bet. As the game reaches the next person, the player now has three options instead of two. These are call which is to equal the placed bet by the previous player , raise the bet further or muck more commonly known as folding. Folding is to exit that game temporarily most commonly due to unavailability of a proper hand.

A 5 card draw poker can be played with four different betting structures in mind. The spread limit more commonly used in home games allow betting only up to a range of $1-5. That makes the minimum bet at $1 and maximum at $5.

The fixed limit game is generally played in casinos where a player can only place a fixed bet of predefined amount in the first rounds and maybe raise the bet later in the ending rounds. The pot limit allows only bets to be played at an amount equal to the current amount in the pot. This process is a little more complex and can cause confusions if the pots are doubled.

The last form is free or no limits betting where there is no cap or no rule to bar a player from whatever he to bet. A player may bet his entire stack of chips at any point of the game. This knowledge determines the initial skills required for playing 5 card draw poker but mastering it too is art in itself.