Of all the card games played across the globe, poker plays the lead. The game of poker can be specifically distributed into several kinds- draw, stud, community, H.O.R.S.E, etc, “five card draw poker” being the most common and interesting variant of them all. The game discovered in the USA is today played over all casinos worldwide with several rule variances. Even though it is rarely used for tournaments, incidentally five draw poker is the most common card game played in the American household today. In cases where more than four players need to be accommodated, an improvised form is used also known as “Stripped deck.”

In the five card draw poker, game starts with the players declaring the ante or initial bets before the game begins, after which the dealer distributes five cards each to all players, one at a time starting with the person immediately at his left. During the placing of bets, players have the option to raise the previous bet or pass which is also called folding. Noticeably a person who folds his turn loses the money he put in the ante. The ante is a forced bet that ensures that a player does not folds at every turn. This rule ensures that more of the players stay in the game and enhances the interest in the game. Once the player chooses to bet, he must raise his bet to the maximum amount that has been placed. If after the first round more than one player remains on the table, the game enters the draw phase.

In the draw phase player still in the game are allowed to exchange or draw cards from the remaining deck only after they have discarded the cards they wish to exchange (if you have 3 kings, you change two, hoping to make a full house of even quad kings. However, players will only get to exchange the cards so as to ensure that they only have five cards at all times. Several house rules do not allow drawing of more than three cards. The second betting round opens at this time where the bets starts with the person who opened the first bet in case the player to the left of the dealer did not start the bet.

The second round of betting is followed by showdown only if there is more than one player at the table. The showdown is performed according to the rules of cards speak. Since there is always a conflict regarding who will show the cards first, the player on the dealers left is generally first to display the cards. All the remaining players show their hand face on the table, the one with the highest hand takes the upper or high half of the betting pot and the player with the lowest hand takes the lower half of the pot.

Five card draw poker is often considered gambling hence discouraged. However poker may also be played without money hence eliminating the gambling part and ensure just fun.