Essential Ps of Playing Poker

There are lots of strategies you can employ when you are playing poker, some of which are extremely easy to remember. Do you recall how, in grammar school, you were supposed to learn the three Rs? Reading, writing, and a’rithmetic, depending on how much your teacher paid attention to true alliteration. Anyway, the point is that, likewise, poker has five essential Ps which you can follow in order to play a much better game.

The first of these is patience, which is unquestionably important. Patience is required if you want to win; it is mandatory. You are not automatically going to get a good hand, and not every hand will be a good one. Realizing that and being willing to fold when you have a hopeless hand is a good way to ensure future victories. You have to wait for a good hand and always be sure to make the kind of moves and bets that will allow you to win.

Patience is unquestionably important, as we saw last week. However, it is not the only essential P rule you need to follow in order to become a more successful player. Remember, we still have four more to cover before we all through!

Which brings us to the second P: psychology. Okay, okay, technically that could qualify as an S, but unlike our teachers in grade school, we are going by spelling here.

Now, the psychology aspect of poker can be a whole lot of fun, if you are at all into a bit of mind-freaking so to speak; this is a PG blog most of the time.

Anyhow. You probably think that poker is a card game that you play with people. Not so, my friends it is a people game which just happens to include cards. As such, you have to think constantly and pay close attention to your opponents. What have they played? How do they play? Why are they making the bets they make? Getting inside your opponents heads is a key strategy for winning.

So, we have patience and we have psychology. Now it is time to talk about perseverance, which sounds like a whole lot of hard work, but do not worry, it is definitely a different kind of perseverance than you have to exercise when you go to the gym or out for a run or something.

We are talking about perseverance of the mind. In poker, it ranks right up there with patience. You absolutely cannot give up on your perseverance. It is enormously, incredibly important that you always, always play the best game that you possibly can, no matter what. You should not give if you are on a losing streak. Even if you keep getting bad hands, you cannot give up on the game. You should not force yourself to play them this is where you have to have the patience to wait for some better cards and the opportunity for better moves.

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