Comparing Flavours of Texas Holdem

No one can tell you which game of poker will be best at you.  No one can tell you which variation you will play better.  That is entirely up to you.  Some people prefer Five Card Stud to the point that they will not even consider Seven Card Stud and the reverse is also true.  Some people excel at Texas Hold Em.

Some people are convinced that they cannot possibly win unless they are playing Full Tilt Poker.  It is all matter of personal preference.  What I can do, though, is help you learn the fundamentals associated with some of the most popular variations of poker.

No matter what game you choose to play, there are some necessary pieces of knowledge that every game has in common. For instance, you need to be good at poker math. That is, you need to either know or learn how to master the odds of the pot and tight playing. You need to learn how to change up the way you play and how to bluff.

Long Hand Limit Holdem

In Longhand Limit Hold Em, technical skills are almost always rewarded. Having an understanding of the value of the hand and patience are particularly rewarding. A lot of hands are going to go to the showdown, so it pays to be able to read your opponent. However, that is not all that will help you.

Shorthand Limit Holdem

There is really no denying the fact that Texas Hold Em really is one of the most popular variations of poker out there being played right now. As you will see throughout the course of this particular series of posts, a lot of the most popular sub variations are some kind of Hold Em type poker. Last week, we talked about Longhand Limit Hold Em. This week, conversely, we will be focusing on the game known as Shorthand Limit Hold Em.

Technical Skills Important

Not only do you need a mix of players to get a good game of Shorthand Limit Hold Em going strong, but technical skills are also a strong requirement. You need people skills as well, because it definitely pays often literally to be able to analyze both a game of shorthand and the people playing it.

One of the reasons you need these skills is because, typically, there will be a lot of bluffing going on in a shorthand game. So, it is imperative that you know when to be aggressive and when to be cool. You can also play a whole lot fancier in Shorthand than you can in Longhand. Still, since this is a limit game, technical skills are a must.

No Limit Holdem

Texas Hold Em, Longhand Limit Hold Em, Shorthand Limit Hold em well, we definitely are not done quite yet. This week, the spotlight falls on No Limit Hold Em.

Requires Technical and People Skills

As we talked about with Shorthand Limit Hold Em, you need both technical know how and people skills when you plan to play a game of No Limit Hold Em. The technical know how is necessary so that you will understand aspects of betting, raising, calling. You need know exactly how much you need to bet; you need to know not only how much you should call, but also whether or not you can actually afford to do it. The people skills are necessary to put your opponents right on their cards and so that you can come up with the perfect strategy.

Aggressive Betting Required

Fundamentally speaking, No Limit Hold Em basically revolves around how the players are able to use aggressive betting to their advantage. If you have meek opponents, steal the pot as often as you can. However, if the other players resist your attempts to bluff, fold right away so you can live to play another day. Patience pays off when opponents are playing loose because they can be trapped.

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