Common Mistakes and Misconceptions About Poker

If you are a regular player of poker then there is a very little chance of you having any misconception about the great game which has mesmerized casinos and players worldwide for unknown time. However some of the beginners and amateurs have some wide misconceptions about poker which are listed below:

Poker Misconceptions

  1. Poker is a casual game – Owing to the nature of the game many people think poker is a casual game meant to be enjoyed with friends. Poker is more like a warfare where the best player survives and earns fortune while the losers regret their game strategy.
  2. Winning a game of poker is impossible for me – There is widespread misconception that winning a game of poker is impossible. A meticulous research on tips and strategies which are listed on internet free of cost can enable you to out beat your competitors with ease. Learning the game of poker requires a large amount of patience and dedication.
  3. Poker is a luck based game – This is one of the biggest misconception. Luck can favor a player only till the cards are dealt, after this it is the skill and strategy of the individual player how he comes out with a game plan.
  4. Bluff can be easily caught Bluffing is one of the most important frontiers of the game of Poker. A calculated bluff has little chances of getting caught and can help you win. It is always advisable to track the facial expression of your co players and if you are smart enough you can make up if a player is bluffing or not.

You Don’t Have to Risk Going Bankrupt

Why do people play poker? Why, in particular, should you play poker? A lot of players who are new to the game seem to get worried that, if they actually allow themselves to play, they will either go bankrupt or developing a gambling problem. Such worries are understandable smart, even but they are not necessarily founded. If you keep things in perspective, there is nothing you need to worry about while playing. Intro header image from Poker Yap.

People Don’t Just Play For Money

You see, people play for a variety of reasons, not just for money. A lot of people play casually, for the social rewards. That is why so many groups of friends have weekly poker games where they can just hang out and have fun. The stakes are low but the good times are high.

Poker is an extremely entertaining game as well. It sure as heck beats watching television. If you are not too competitive, playing is a great way to entertain yourself and your friends.

Believe it or not, some people play poker to educate themselves. This may seem unlikely, but think about it for a second. Poker can help you hone your judgment skills, plus you learn a lot about both logic and strategy.

Common Poker Mistakes

All the poker players especially beginners should know that each and every mistake committed by them on the poker table would cost them dearly. Beginners find themselves trapped with difficult situations while playing poker with professional on the poker table. A small mistake may cost them the entire stack of money.

Poker is a game which requires an easy blend of skill and luck. Instead of acting spontaneously poker players should think and plan their game play strategy which would help them sail difficult situations and opponents.

poker mistakes

Understand Importance of Not Making Mistakes

Players forget that their contribution of money in the last pot was only a miniscule of your bankroll. Beginners forget to analyse the situation in a holistic pattern. They tend to forget importance of their mistakes and move ahead on the poker table with their game.

Beginners should be aware about their blunders so that they can shape their game plan in a better and wiser manner the next time they play or else they would continue making the same blunders. Mistakes made on the poker table are very expensive in nature. If you spend the entire time in protecting yourself from the harsh attacks of the opponents you fail to examine the moves and playing style of the opponents on the poker table.

Research Poker Strategies

Beginners should spend quality time examining and studying articles and books written on poker. Just relying on video tutorials or watching tournaments online would not help. If beginners want to master the ancient but effective poker strategies reading is a must.

One of the most simple ways to prolong the participation in a game is coin flipping and this has been projected in a glamorous way. While you are playing a cash poker game it is not right to find a pre-flop coin-flip. Where some players are specialized in being hyper-aggressive, picking up a lot of pots and making a profit because of those and breaking even in the coinflips (Dario Minieri is a great example!) the real cash game players like Barry Greenstein know better!

Don’t Overplay Your Hand

Beginners tend to overplay their hands. You should know when to play and fold hands. Either beginners fold their cards every now and then if they lack premium cards or they continue betting and playing the game. These strategies are easily read by the opponents and they understand the game plan very easily.

Beginners should know that these blunders are preventable. Incessant reading and being open to always learn and master new skills would tremendously help in making fewer mistakes. You will be able to earn great money if you make fewer blunders on the poker table. This indeed a long-term strategy which would yield high returns.

If you want to make Poker Money beware of the common mistakes!

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