Brick and Mortar vs Online Casinos

The last post covered the debate between downloading an online casino’s software or simply playing online. But, let’s say you haven’t decided whether or not to try online casinos yet. You enjoy going to land-based casinos and are afraid that online casinos may be too much or a waste of your time. Hopefully, this post will convince you otherwise.

Just upon browsing some online casinos, you’ll notice that they really push their welcome bonuses. That’s because they don’t have the eye candy that regular casinos use to draw you in. You will notice that these welcome bonuses are much higher than anything you might get at a land-based casino, sometimes worth up to $20,000 over your first few deposits. This is because there is much less upkeep and staff required for online casinos. You won’t get the complimentary rooms or free drinks, but you will get other great bonuses like cash, prizes and trips.

And, all your favorite casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, baccarat, craps, video poker and more can be found at online casinos. They are available 24 hours a day. The same can be said for some land-based casinos, but let’s face it, you can’t play in your underwear there. If you show up to a regular casino in your underwear, they probably won’t let you in, unless you’re in Atlantic City. Zing! Just kidding.

Online casinos are also cheaper. Most allow you to play for free with fun money to practice. Once you open a real money account, that’s when you gamble for real. If you’re new to gambling, there are usually classes and tutorials on the casino games available 24/7. You won’t find that so easily available at regular casinos.

You may think that customer service would be better at land-based casinos, but that’s not always true. Yes, you won’t have the benefit of speaking to someone face-to-face with online casinos, but there is 24/7 customer service available through phone, e-mail or web chat if you run into any problems like deposit and withdrawal issues. At regular casinos, you may have to wait in a line.

Another nice benefit of online casinos is the payout percentages. They are generally higher than land-based casinos for all games, especially with slots and video poker (again, because of the little upkeep).

My favorite thing about online casinos is that they have less distractions than land-based casinos. You won’t have other players staring at you waiting for your next move. You won’t have the dealer or pit boss watching over you. You won’t have the attractive waitress asking you what you want to drink. Granted, that last one sounds like a good thing, but it really isn’t. You should always limit alcohol consumption when gambling with real money. With online casinos, you have plenty of time to make a decision. There may be a time limit, but things won’t move nearly as fast as land-based casino if you don’t want them. If you are an avid gambler, things can still move fast. That’s the great thing about online casinos. They accommodate every level of gambler.

The takeaway from this is that online casinos are a great benefit to beginning gamblers because you can take your time, practice for free and earn a great welcome bonus by playing your favorite games.

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