Bluffing in Poker

Many advanced poker players will tell you that playing poker is not so easy, as you think. Every good poker player should practice every day, and if he is really good he will apply little tricks, which will improve his chances for winning. One of the well-known and frequently used trick is bluffing. If you are a player, who loves playing online poker, you should sometimes use bluffing if you want to success. Don’t be afraid to bluff, there are only few things you should do and some you should consider. 

If you want your bluffing to be successful, you must first consider your position at the table, and second – you must choose the exact moment to do that. Bluffing is determined as an act of bet or raise, made in attempt to win the pot, despite the fact you have little or no chances for winning. The goal of this action is to make the other players fold, because you will lose money if you afford them to continue staying in the hand. A variation of bluffing is semi-bluffing and the difference between them is that using semi-bluffing you have more chances for winning the hand than using the ordinary bluffing.

A very important part of your play in knowing when and who to bluff. Don’t bluff your weak opponents, because they don’t realize when they are bluffed, so you won’t win much. Bluffing don’t work in low-limit games, so if someone wants to see your cards, make him pay. As many players you bluff, as successful your game will be. Use bluffing against strong player and try betting big and making them think you have cards they cannot beat. Overcoming a strong opponent will make you feel the real taste of the victory. As used between players, bluffing is more successful when you know your opponents’ habits and behaviour. If the other players catch your bluff, it won’t be good for you at all, because the next time you try to do it, your bluff won’t work.

There are several typical bluffing situations. Imagine that you are in late position and when it is your turn to act, you wager big. The others don’t want to bet because their cards are not good enough. They will fold, because of your big bet and you will win the pot with not so good hand. This is one of the advantages of acting last. But when you bluff don’t be too ambitious by wagering all your money. Bluffing is used to win money, not to lose them. You must assess when is the right moment to use bluffing and semi-bluffing, depending on the way of gambling, your opponents, your chances to win the pot and other factors. When you bluff during a hand, don’t show your fear, because the others will understand what happens.

On the other hand, bluffing may cause very unpleasant things and put you in unwanted situations. There are cases, when a player knows that he holds the best hand, but one of his opponents tries to bluff him by going all in. If in such situation the player with the best hand pays the bet, because he is not frightened and is still sure in the strength of his hand, it will be very bad for his opponent, who loses everything.

As you see, poker as a game that must be practiced a lot. Being a good poker player is not so simple. Mastering bluffing is an important part of becoming such player. But without practicing first, bluffing won’t be successful. One of the best places you can practice your play is online. Play at this online poker room and you’ll see that day after day your play is more and more successful.

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