Blackjack Strategy

When you first start playing blackjack you will likely be introduced to basic strategy fairly early in the process. People talk about it all the time. Basic strategy is simply a calculation of the best possible play that you can make in every situation. Obviously learning this will go a long way towards helping you to win so it is something that every player should learn.

When playing blackjack it is possible to calculate the odds of winning with each possible combination of cards. This means that you can determine what you should do in every possible situation. You don’t actually have to do this since it has all been worked out long before. All you have to do is learn the rules of the basic strategy and you will know what you are supposed to do in every possible situation. This will give you the best possible chance of winning and it will keep the house edge to a minimum.

The reason basic strategy works is because the dealer is restricted in what he has to do. Since we know in every situation what the dealer is going to do it is possible to calculate the odds of his getting each possible total. If this weren’t true things would be a lot more complicated. However since you do know what the dealer is going to you it is simply then a matter of calculating the odds of each card being dealt. This is a fairly straightforward matter and has already been done for you and turned into a simple chart that you can use.

Learning basic strategy is fairly simple you don’t have to memorize what to do in every possible situation. You are simply memorizing a few rules that will cover all situations. Once you have used these rules for a little while they will become second nature and you will be able to use them with little difficulty. You are allowed to have the chart with you and use it when you are playing in the casino but most people don’t really like to do this so you are best to just memorize the rules.

The most complicated situations in learning basic strategy are when you have to make decisions that are more complicated than hitting or standing. This would be mainly when it comes to splitting pairs or doubling down. There are times when both can be very good decisions and there are times when it could be a big mistake. Learning these rules is critical since the proper use of them will have a very large impact on the odds when you are playing. The rules of basic strategy are not that complicated but you will have to memorize them and it will take some time for this to happen. However with a little practice you will soon find them to be second nature.

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