Tournaments are played by a group of participants, all paying a fixed buy-in and fee to a pool (see section below), this pool is used to pay the winner(s). All participants receive the same number of chips (see Bonus Chips section for exceptions to this) and play until they have been eliminated or have been crowned the winner. The tournament winner finishes the game when he accumulates all the chips in play.

Unlike traditional ring games, the risk in tournament play is limited to the initial sign-up fee. With only this amount to lose, tournament gaming makes an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to experience the potentially lucrative thrill of real money poker!

Multi-Table Tournaments

Tournaments are played on multiple tables simultaneously, unless the tournament happens to be very small in numbers. Separate games are played at each table. As players are eliminated over the course of the games, the tables are “balanced” and players are shuffled into other ones as tables are taken away. This keeps the number of players at the tables as even as possible. As play goes on, the number of tables dwindles until there is just one table left.

At the final table, play continues as normal and players are eliminated once they’ve lost their chips. When the last of the chips has been won and there is only one player remaining, the tournament is over.

Buy in and Fee

To enter a tournament the player must pay the buy-in (this amount goes into the prize pool!) and a fee for the hosting of the tournament. There is no rake in tournament hands.

Starting Chips

After you’ve posted your buy-in and fee, each player will receive a number of chips for the start of the tournament. The number of initial chips may vary from tournament to tournament but is typically 1,500.

Starting Chips Bonus!

In selected special tournaments, it’s possible you’ll be awarded bonus starting chips. These are added to the players starting chip stack.

Satellites – Tickets & Qualifiers!

For your chance to win the big prizes, you can play in the big tournaments through qualifier satellites. This way you can join the really high stakes tournaments for just a few dollars.

In the qualifier tournament, instead of cash prizes, the winner is awarded tickets to another tournament. The ticket is valid as a buy-in, so you will not have to pay any additional fee.

There are different qualifier tournaments with different buy-ins. The number of tickets awarded depends on the buy-in and the cost of the ticket for the final. E.g. in the $11+$1 Grand Prix Qualifier, there will be a ticket for every 10 participants. (Ticket prize of $100+$10)

Aside from the pure qualifiers, where all the prize pool goes to qualifying tickets, some of the other tournaments also award tickets beside the cash prizes.

To play a tournament you need a ticket. These are either transparently bought when registering or can be awarded as a prize in a previous tournament or some kind of promotion. This way a chain of qualification tournaments can be created, leaving a very healthily accumulated prize pool at the end.

All tickets will have an expiry period. This will vary and will be displayed in the information regarding the tournaments. To start with, the tournament will have a long expiration time to let players find the correct tournaments.

In the tournament schedule and in the client, a tournament to which you have a ticket is denoted with an arrow in the tournament list.

Free Rolls and Added Cash

Occasionally we add a little extra spice to tournaments in the shape of ‘free-roll’. A free-roll tournament is a tournament with prize money, which is absolutely free to join! The purpose of these tournaments is to help players sharpen their tournament tactics, or perhaps try a tournament for the first time.

Added Cash: An added cash tournament is a tournament with prize money added on top of the regular prize pool! This is a bonus for the participating players. The added cash can be distributed between all the cash winners, or sometimes only to the gamer in pole position.

Keep an eye out for Cash & Free-Roll tournaments!

Scheduled Tournaments

For all major tournaments at you’ll find a weekly schedule. Please use this information to gain information on current events and find the tournament that fits your style.

Scheduled tournaments have a fixed starting time and you can usually register prior to these starting times. When the tournament time approaches, all players registered (up to the given limit) will participate in the tournament. The length of tournaments is dependent on the number of players.

Sit & Go

Not sure you can dedicate the time or have the patience required for a multi-table tournament? A Sit & Go tournament offers the player the same excitement, but takes a fraction of the time to complete.

The tournament will not start until the first ten players are seated and the prize pool is fixed. Some Sit & Go tournaments are available 24-7 and some (like the special satellite tournaments) are only available at certain times of day. See the Sit & Go Satellite Schedule for a complete overview of these details.

Re-buy and Add-on

During a tournament, if you run out of chips, you’re usually knocked out of the game. In some tournaments, however, you’re allowed to post another buy-in to get more chips when you run out.

Re-buys are limited though – both in number (e.g. once in a tournament) and in time (only within the first hour). The re-buy will affect the prize money and it is therefore not possible to make a re-buy after the first winning person has been knocked out.

It’s possible, if permitted, to make a re-buy during the tournament, as long as the players chip stack is less or equal to, the starting chip stack.

An ‘add-on’ is a special re-buy available at the very end of a re-buy period. The add-on is available for all players, regardless of the size of their chip stack.

There is no fee for the re-buy or add-on.

Hand by Hand

At the end of a multi table tournament, ‘hand by hand’ play is adopted. This means that a new hand at a table will not be played until the current hand at all tables is finished – to ensure all tables are played at the same pace.

Blind Increase

To compensate for increasing chip stacks as players are eliminated, and to ensure the tournaments will in fact end, the blinds will continuously increase. This occurs either after a number of played hands, or with specified time intervals.


Register directly at a single table Sit & Go Tournament by going to the table. For scheduled tournaments, either register in the client by going to the specific tournament lobby, or via the website.

After the tournament starts, you’ll be taken to the tournament table automatically if your browser is open.

Tournament payout structure

  • Single-Table Tournaments
    The prize structure for a standard Sit & Go single tourney is as follows:1st place is 50% of prize pool
    2nd place is 30% of prize pool
    3rd place is 20% of prize pool

    All prizes are also minus your initial buy-in, e.g. for a $10+1 buy-in tourney 2nd place prize is $30 – $11 = $19.

  • Multi-Table Tournament
    For multi-table tournaments the payouts structure vary. To view this information please click here. There you will find a list of all scheduled tournaments.To view the payout structure. single left click on the tournament of interest and then click on the view payouts link in the prize pool section.