Many games that are played under the auspices of poker have very little to do with the game but have simply been adapted to suit poker tables because they are played with a deck of cards and gambling. Though many tables are averse to playing these games, there are a few that have gained staying power at poker tables around the world.

Some Examples of Common Non Poker Games

Chase the Ace:

In this game, Aces are always low. All players begin by placing two or more pre-arranged bet amounts at their seats. Then each player receives a single card and – sequentially from the dealer’s left – must decide whether to keep the card or exchange it with the next player to the left (excepting the dealer who may exchange for a card from the deck). The object of the game is to retain the highest card possible for each round. After the first round of exchanges, the cards are flipped over. The player with the lowest card must forfeit one of the multiple bets into the pot. When two players have the same card, both must forfeit a bet. The same play is repeated until only one bet is still on the table. The last player to retain a bet wins the pot.

Acey Deucey:

This game is also sometimes called In-Between or Posts and has a few variations. All players put ante and the dealer deals out a single card face up to each player. Then one at a time, beginning to the dealer’s left, each player may choose to “buy” a second card for a pre-arranged pot fee and then place a bet (which has a maximum value of the current pot amount) on whether or not the third card dealt out will fall (in terms of card rank) in between the original two. If it does, the player wins the amount of the bet from the pot. If the third card is too high or too low, the player loses the bet to the pot. If the third card is the same as one of the first two this is known as ‘Doubling’ or ‘Hitting the Post.’ A player who hits the post must pay double the bet amount into the pot. In the case of an all-pot bet, the player pays double the amount currently in the pot and triples the actual pot.

Gin Poker:

This game does not involve betting. Instead a single large ante is employed. Each player receives five cards. The dealer places the leftover deck mid-table and turns over the top card. The player to the dealer’s left now chooses a sixth card which can either be the face-up card that the dealer dealt or may be chosen blind from the face-down deck. The player must then discard one card that is placed face-up on top of the original face-up deck card (or in its place if it has been taken). This play continues sequentially until one player believes they have the best hand and ‘Knocks’ after which each player is allowed one more exchange. The best hand takes the pot.