Bad Starting Hands in Holdem

In general, in Texas Hold Em, five hands are considered the very worst starting hands that you can possibly get. These are hands so bad that, if you are unlucky enough to get them, the best course of action is definitely going to be to fold.

I feel it is important to discuss these five horrible hands before going on to discuss the ten best starting hands for a game of Texas Hold Em because sometimes, when you get the bad news before the good news, you are more inclined to remember it.

Trust me when I say that this will be to your advantage, not in the least because it will be able to save you a lot of money during future games.

So check back the next could of weeks, when we will be discussing in depth these five awful hands.

The first of the worst in starting hands for Texas Hold Em? A two and seven off suit, also known as the 2-7 curse. This is most definitely the worst possible start you could ever get for a game. Because the two cards are off suit, there is no way you will be able to get either a straight draw or a flush draw. Worse, even if you get, say, a pair of sevens, the odds are high you will get beaten. Although there is the small chance of being able to pull off a full house, the odds are so small it isnt really worth the risk.

A two and eight off suit is just a little better, but not by much. A pair of eights might be able to beat someone but, again, the odds are quite small.

In both case, folding is the smarter option.

The third worst starting hand in a game of Texas Hold Em is a three and an eight off suit. With this hand, too, you will be left unable to pull off either a straight draw or a flush draw. All you can hope for is a measly pair of eights. Even a full house is probably out of your grasp here.

Fourth, we have a two and a nine off suit. A pair of nines can beat a pair of eights, but it is still a better idea to fold.

Last but definitely not least, another horrible starting hand is the dreaded two and six off suit. You may have a small chance at drawling a low straight, but little else is possible with a combination like this. Again, folding on a hand like this is a much better idea.

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