Bad Beats in Poker

If you have played poker for a long time, then you have surely had the chance to join some great events. And you probably have received hands, which are also called ‘Bad Beats’. If you have been dealt such hands, then you know the real taste of the defeat.

If you ask an experienced poker player, he can tell you such exciting stories, which you have never heard. ‘Bad Beats’ are among the most interesting poker stories. Everyone enjoys listening about these obviously absurd winnings with a happy end.

As a ‘Bad Beat’ is determined a very strong hand with great chances for winning, which hand finally loses the pot, beaten of a poor in the beginning hand. For example if you have KK and your opponent has 23, you are completely sure that the Aces will win. But if the other player decides to risk and raise and the flop comes with K72, with your three Kings you are still convinced of your victory. But unfortunately the turn and the river bring 22 and you find yourself beaten with three Kings against four 2.

In every different variant of poker you can see different kinds of bad beating. In Texas Holdem for instance, the worst beat comes after the flop, when a player has two very strong cards. If you have a hand, made of A3 and your opponent holds AA, the flop brings A53 and the last two cards are 33, then you will overcome your opponent with four 3 and your opponent remains with his ‘Bad Beat’ hand. The situation in Omaha is not so different than in Holdem. If your hand is made of 3332 and your opponent’s hand is AAA3, the flop cards are QJ3 and there is no Ace in the following two cards, you will win the pot. As you can see, in the beginning of the hand your opponent has better chances to become the winner. In Seven Card Stud defining the worst ‘Bad Beat’ hand is a little more difficult. The only chance for the player with the worst hand to win the pot is to get one perfect card, while the favorite also catches this only card in the deck and it does not improve his hand. Here is an example – for hands as AK7532 for you and QQQ842 for the other player, the cards you need to form a better hand and overcome the other player are AA or KK. In Five Card Stud the perfect ‘Bad Beat’ is when you have K72 against your opponent’s KK9 and the following two cards are 22.

Don’t forget that online poker is much faster than the real one. So you should expect that good hands will appear two, even three times faster than in ordinary poker. So the chances to be beaten by a poor hand is larger. When you play you can see that two players with good hands can built up the pot and then someone else with a poor hand to win it. It is very unpleasant situation, but it occurs quite frequently. For most of us these bad beats are very interesting to be seen. In the history of poker there are a lot of great bad beats.

A remarkable one is the final table of the 1995 World Series of Poker main event. The only woman, who have ever played at this final event – Barbara Enright, fought against Brent Carter. He had a poor hand, made of 63. Barbara moved all-in and Brent decided to call and risk all his chips. He eliminated Barbara by flopping both a 6 and a 3 for two pairs. In 2003 World Series of Poker Chris Moneymaker was the hero with such beatings. During the day 4 of World Series of Poker main event, he first overcame Humberto Brenes and then Phil Ivey. Chris beat the well-known poker player Humberto Brenes with an extremely bad starting hand. He had 8s in his pocket cards, while Brenes showed pocket Aces, so Brenes had bigger chances to win the pot. But finally Moneymaker overcame Brenes thanks to Brenes’ ‘Bad Beat’ hand. In similar way Chris eliminated Phil Ivey – the flop bring him two Queens, which improved his hand. When the dealer showed the other card – an Ace, Chris Moneymaker won for the second time this day.

As you see playing poker is as fun as you make it for yourself. When you win with bad hands you feel much better than when you win with strong hands. But as every poker player can suppose, nobody wants to be dealt a ‘Bad Beat’ hand.

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